Mahón Gin


The Spanish have become obsessed with an old standard; the gin & tonic. Barcelona clubs and bars are avidly making this standard hot again with premium gins like Mahon from the island of Menorca. Originally produced in 1708 to satisfy the British Navy, stationed on Menorca, the original family recipe is still used.


GOLD MEDAL - The Fifty Best Gin Awards 2016

4.5 Stars - 2016

GOLD MEDAL - Beverage World's BevStar Awards 2015 

GOLD MEDAL - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015

GOLD MEDAL - The Beverage Tasting Institute – 2014

Clear with a platinum cast. Very distinctive aromas of lemongrass, verbena, juniper, dried oil paint, and dusty cedar with a silky, dry-ish medium-to-full body and a well integrated, peppery spice, creamy vanilla nougat, mint, earth and accented finish. An artfully composed gin that will shine in craft cocktails. 

TRIPLE GOLD MEDAL - Microliquor Spirits Awards – 2014

Overall a well - charactered gin. Lots of flavor, transitional, nicely balanced finish that has fairly long length. Also a unique x-factor that I cannot place....unique nonetheless. Highly recommended.

At first there is a light alcohol smell with typical gin flavors. As you spend some time with the aromas opening up you find hints of oranges, citrus and spices. it is incredibly smooth on the palate entry. The mid palate is when the gin really opens up with all the flavors. A nice complex transition to the finish which is super smooth and pleasing. I would use this gin in martinis because it has nice layers of flavor. Overall, it is extraordinary gin.

EXCELLENT- 4.5 STARS Difford's Guide -2013

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COLOUR:  Clear with a platinum cast.

NOSE: Deeply aromatic • fresh cut flowers • hint of vanilla.

PALATE: Juniper • smooth citrus •subtle saline • lovely silkiness

FINISH: Appealing freshness from Juniper • spicy and citrus zest undertone.

COMMENTS: Enhances traditional Gin & Tonic – Martini, Negroni and other top-shelf cocktails


  • DO for Gin. [ Denominación de Origen (DO) Mahón-Menorca ]. One of two in the world. The island of Menorca has been distilling gin since 1750. Original demand came from British sailors and soldiers stationed in the Spanish islands.
  • Lord Nelson, the Hero of Trafalgar, was a frequent resident of Mahón. 
  • The windmill on the label has belonged to the owners, the Pons family since the 18th century.
  • The unique bottle is a glass version of the traditional Spanish ceramic Caneca.



  • Wine alcohol from Spain’s Penedès region is used as the base distillate. The grapes used are Parellada and Xarel-lo, the same ones used for making Cava.
  • Wild juniper berries are sourced from the foothills of the Pyrenees on the Mediterranean Sea. See the process below.
  • The recipe is a guarded family secret, known only by the heirs of Miguel Pons Justo the distillery's founder.
  • Specific export strength at 41% abv.
  • All natural ingredients, free of additives.


The juniper berries are aged for about 2 years, prior to using. This shrivels and hardens them, but more importantly, concentrates the aromatic profile and provides some citrus notes.. This is quite unique to the industry. Also, since the berries are stored in the harbor area, salt particles do have a leisurely time to settle upon them, hence the most likely reason for the slight saline notes.

Distillation takes place in traditional copper stills using wood-fired heat.

The wine alcohol used has no taste of grapes or wine. It therefore absorbs the scent of the wild juniper in a completely different way to grain-based gins, which is one of the keys to Mahón Gin’s unique flavor and aroma. The vapor passes through a copper basket in the neck of the still, which contains the botanicals; each time it passes through it becomes a little more infused with the distinctive scents and flavors.

The vapor is carefully heated and cooled repeatedly, allowing it to pass through the berries and herbs several times. Only when it has become saturated with the flavor, is it allowed to condense within the coil, where it forms a clear liquid and drips into jars.

The distillation is tasted by the family experts to ensure that its flavor is complete and thus determine where to make “the cut”.


Distillery :: Xoriguer - pronounced "sho-ri-gair" - the old windmill.

Operated by the Pons family, founded by Miguel Pons Justo and descendant of the original gin craftsmen on the island.


Mahón Gin is distilled in the port town of Mahón on the Spanish Balearic island of Menorca off the coast of Barcelona. Menorca’s stunning and pristine coastline is designated an UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

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