Sullivans Cove French Oak


Best Rest of the World 12 years and Under World Whiskies Awards 2011

Gold Medal World Whisky Masters 2011

Liquid Gold Award 94.5/100 Cask HH0270 Jim Murray Liquid Gold 2010

Best “Other” Malt (Malt whiskies outside Scotland) World Whiskies Awards 2007

95 POINTS - Liquid Gold Award  Jim Murray Liquid Gold 2007


NOSE: Malt, spice, subtle nutty characters and light cream.

PALATE: Rounded, full, creamy. Initially lots of sweet barley and fruit at front of palate, vanilla comes through and citrus notes in the middle palate.

FINISH: Honey. Long, even finish with great balance.


Age 10+  years - 47.5% abv - Aged in American Oak Bourbon barrels.

The barrels are scraped and the scrapings are hung in a basked in the cask to re-char the barrel.

They use an older filtering system known as racking. Fresh distilled water is added to the matured barrels over a 2 to 3 week period. The barrels then sit for 4 months. During this period the fresh water aids in settling the sediment to the bottom. The Whisky is then “racked” or drawn off. The result is a creamier, fuller mouth, feel whisky.


This is what put Sullivans Cove on the Whisky map. It was the American Oak expression that was awarded a coveted 95/100 by whisky guru and trendsetter Jim Murray in his 2007 Whisky Bible. With it being a single cask bottling, stock was very limited from the outset and once word got out the race was on, with the last bottle of that cask selling for a whopping $1125! The American Oak Cask continues to impress judges the world over and is probably Tasmania’s most highly awarded whisky.


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